Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 6 in the MTC!!!

Hey Everyone. 
Having a great last week its been great here at the MTC. Every Sunday they chose two missionaries to speak and they want you to write a talk every week your here because they call you to speak in Spanish in Sacrament right after the sacrament. And I was chosen. I thought it went well. We had one of the leaders from the MTC there and so they only wanted one missionary to speak. The leader was President Richards he was the mission president of the mission we lived in Australia. When we lived there it was cool to meet him. We having been teaching our teachers and they play a role of an investigator they had in there mission. So we have been teaching Leonidas which is our teacher Hermano Bush. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and last two times ago we invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to but he would have to talk to his wife. So our last lesson was on Monday and we got there and he told us that his wife and kids got there visa to come to America. And he said he talked to his wife about baptism and he decided that he wanted to wait for two to three years to progress and learn more before he gets baptized. We didn’t give up on him though we told him that you wont progress and learn as much as if you where baptized because you don’t have the gift of the Holy ghost. He wants blessings in his life and so we explained that him and his family would be blessed. We asked him to kneel down and Ask Heavenly Father if he should wait or be baptized next month. We kneeled down and he started praying and the spirit filled the room when he asked if he should be baptized. He finished his prayer and I asked will you be baptized on Feb 27. He said yes. It was the best feeling ever. I cant wait to go to Florida and be able to teach about this great work. I know this church is true with all my heart. I so happy to be called by a prophet of God and to serve my savoir as a representative of him. I know the Book of Mormon is true I love sharing about it with investigators. I love and miss you all and will email next in Florida. 
Elder Gibbons

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