Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 6 in the MTC!!!

Hey Everyone. 
Having a great last week its been great here at the MTC. Every Sunday they chose two missionaries to speak and they want you to write a talk every week your here because they call you to speak in Spanish in Sacrament right after the sacrament. And I was chosen. I thought it went well. We had one of the leaders from the MTC there and so they only wanted one missionary to speak. The leader was President Richards he was the mission president of the mission we lived in Australia. When we lived there it was cool to meet him. We having been teaching our teachers and they play a role of an investigator they had in there mission. So we have been teaching Leonidas which is our teacher Hermano Bush. He knows the Book of Mormon is true and last two times ago we invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to but he would have to talk to his wife. So our last lesson was on Monday and we got there and he told us that his wife and kids got there visa to come to America. And he said he talked to his wife about baptism and he decided that he wanted to wait for two to three years to progress and learn more before he gets baptized. We didn’t give up on him though we told him that you wont progress and learn as much as if you where baptized because you don’t have the gift of the Holy ghost. He wants blessings in his life and so we explained that him and his family would be blessed. We asked him to kneel down and Ask Heavenly Father if he should wait or be baptized next month. We kneeled down and he started praying and the spirit filled the room when he asked if he should be baptized. He finished his prayer and I asked will you be baptized on Feb 27. He said yes. It was the best feeling ever. I cant wait to go to Florida and be able to teach about this great work. I know this church is true with all my heart. I so happy to be called by a prophet of God and to serve my savoir as a representative of him. I know the Book of Mormon is true I love sharing about it with investigators. I love and miss you all and will email next in Florida. 
Elder Gibbons

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 5 in the MTC!

Good Afternoon,

It’s been another great week here at the MTC. Only a week and a half left then off to Florida. I am supposed to get my travel plans tomorrow with my flights. This week has been good though. My Spanish is getting a little better every day. I can understand when the teachers and are talking and in lessons I can understand mostly everything. I just have a hard time speaking. We got a new MTC presidency this week they are really nice. They all spoke on Sunday for the Devotional. On Friday we taught our last TRC lesson. It has been so cool to watch him change over time. On Tues for the Devotional Elder M. Russell Ballard came and spoke it has been so cool to hear apostles. Elder Ballard talked about so many great things. My favorite was he talked about when we are having hard times in our mission and we think that we should be on a mission or nothing is happening how we should think of Joseph and Hyrum Smith when they suffered for three months with limited water and food. Cold. He said we should write a letter to Joseph to cheer him up. I thought that was a great idea. Joseph Smith suffered so much to restore Christ’s church on the Earth again. He never gave up. I know that a mission is going to be hard. I'm going to suffer a lot. But I don't want to ever give up. I am so grateful to be a missionary of Christ church. I know that he lives. I am so grateful for the atonement and what Christ did for us. I am grateful for the priesthood I know it blesses life's I’ve seen it the last five weeks. I'm grateful for my family for guiding me down the right path. I wouldn't be here without them. I'm grateful for Joseph Smith and what he did. I know he was a prophet of God. I am grateful to have a living prophet and apostles today. I know this church is true. I love and miss all of you. 

Love Elder Gibbons

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 4 in the MTC...


Week four has been great. The days are about the same every day right now. Next week is the same as the last four then the sixth week is a little different. My Companion and I did our first Skype lesson on Monday. It was a member from Mexico. It was pretty cool. We couldn't see her though. On Monday we get to do that again. In TRC we are teaching Brian. It’s been a great experience he went to church on Sunday. We where talking about church he was asking about hymns. We only had five minutes because he had to get somewhere. So we sang I Need Thee Every hour in Spanish. The spirit filled the room so strongly. He said that he could feel it. It was an amazing experience. Elder Lewis didn't want to sing though but I thought it was amazing. Then right after we had our Tuesday night devotional we thought there probably was going to be a general authority because they where checking to make sure we had a name tag and there was extra security. And today is the MTC presidency's last day. Elder Nelson was here again and there was 5 members of the quorum of the seventy here. On Tues. we were two rows behind on Christmas we where five. During that meeting the spirit was so strong having a Apostle. Elder Nelson wife talked about Diligence. And Elder Nelson talked about missionary work. His talk on Tuesday was a lot shorter than on Christmas. He talked about different situations that might come up in the mission field. He told us to tell our family's that him and the First presidency and the apostles loves the family's of the missionary's and knows that you are sacrificing as much as missionary's are. I love Elder Nelson though it’s so cool that he is 90 years old and has come to the MTC twice in a month. We got to host the new missionaries yesterday it was fun and cold. This morning we went to the temple and did a session. It was so great to go back again. And they have a cafeteria in temple. The food there is so much better then the MTC. Other than that MTC life is about the same everyday. Thanks for all the love and support. 
I love and miss y'all very much.
Love Elder Gibbons 


In front of Provo Temple

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 3 in the MTC!!!

Hey Everyone,

Its been another great week here at the MTC. Went to the Temple this morning it was great. The last two weeks it has been closed so we got to go. We should be able to go every week till I leave in February. This week has been a pretty normal week just in class learning Spanish, studding and teaching. Time seams like its going by faster and faster everyday. And the days flow into a what seems like a big long day its been good though. Elder Miller in our district left to New York on Tuesday. The MTC messed up his schedule and so he had to leave three weeks early because of transfer dates. l have been learning a lot more Spanish and have been more confident in speaking it. There has been a lot of sick Elders and Sisters with the flu and colds so we cant shake hands at here until further notice. An Elder in my district on Sunday got sick with the flu after dinner. So we gave him a blessing and he felt great the next morning. Its amazing how heavenly father blesses us. On Sunday morning we had Mission Conference. All of the MTC presidency spoke to us it was great and long but it was good. We are also getting a new MTC presidency some time next week. For the Sunday night devotional the person who is in charge of the missionary visual media spoke to us. He is the one who runs and designs and is in charge of the church advertising. They are coming out with a new Easter video like last year but its supposed to be a lot better. They are also redesigning and creating videos and they have questions after the videos it will be amazing. The He IS the Gift video was the most watched church video in history. I think they said there was over 33 million views of the video. They also did the advertisements in Times Square for he is the gift. On Tuesday for the devotional the Young Women's General President spoke to us its was great also she talked about missionary work. It has been a great week but it goes by fast. Next week the one of the districts in our zone is leaving and we have to help host the new missionaries coming in. Its also supposed to be in the 50s this week so that will be nice. I miss ya'll and love you very much. 
Elder Gibbons

PS. Send me Emails or Dear Elders I haven't been getting hardly any!!

"Best zone in the MTC"

Friday, January 2, 2015

Second Week in the MTC!!!

Happy New Year!

Having a great week here at the MTC. A new district just came in yesterday to our zone its been amazing!

Last Wednesday after I emailed we have a normal afternoon until after dinner. They had a nativity for the MTC it was great after they showed the Nativity movie.

Christmas Day was amazing we woke up and went to a great breakfast then we had a Christmas Devotional Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came a spoke to us it was so amazing we were five rows from the pulpit center so it was amazing. After we had Christmas Dinner it was good reminded me of home but not as good!! After they had a great talent show with Elders and Sisters doing different things. After we went back to call home which was the first time Elders and Hermanas have been able to call home at the MTC. After we had a sack Dinner and District Testimony meeting which was very great. After we had a special Christmas Night program with some singers from the Christmas Carol Musical that preferences here in Provo and a student from UVU came and sang. After they showed the movie Ephraim Rescue. I was falling asleep most of the time though overall it was a great day.

Last Friday was a normal day mostly where supposed to teach our TRC investigator on Friday evening but he wasn't there. So there was a lady sitting in the lobby so my companion and I went and talked to her she spoke English and Spanish. It was so amazing talking to her she is getting baptized next week which is awesome.
Saturday was just a normal day of lessons.
Sunday was a great day. We had Priesthood in the morning we talked about the holy ghost. Then we had lunch after we had a great District meeting then sacrament meeting. This week in sacrament I helped pass the sacrament. The meeting was great. After we went on our snowy Temple walk. We had a massive snowball fight it was fun. The best is yet to come. Every Sunday and Tuesday night we have a devotional. Sunday David Archuleta and Richard Elliot (Mormon Tabernacle Choir organist) came. It was amazing Richard Elliott played 3 normal songs then 3 Christmas songs on the organ it was so amazing. David sang 6 or 7 songs also. He sang Glorious from Meet the Mormons Come come ye Saints and a few more it was amazing. And know the best part. Afterwords everyone was trying to shake his hand and I got to David wanted to shake as many missionaries had he could but security was telling him he had to leave. But it was cool.
Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday we have had just normal classes it been great overall.
I have taught about 10 times science I've been here. Its all been good so far though. The temple was closed today and I think it opens next week. I love and miss you all so much.

Elder Gibbons


Elder Tyler John Gibbons
2007 N 900 E Unit  64
Provo UT 84602