Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 3 in the MTC!!!

Hey Everyone,

Its been another great week here at the MTC. Went to the Temple this morning it was great. The last two weeks it has been closed so we got to go. We should be able to go every week till I leave in February. This week has been a pretty normal week just in class learning Spanish, studding and teaching. Time seams like its going by faster and faster everyday. And the days flow into a what seems like a big long day its been good though. Elder Miller in our district left to New York on Tuesday. The MTC messed up his schedule and so he had to leave three weeks early because of transfer dates. l have been learning a lot more Spanish and have been more confident in speaking it. There has been a lot of sick Elders and Sisters with the flu and colds so we cant shake hands at here until further notice. An Elder in my district on Sunday got sick with the flu after dinner. So we gave him a blessing and he felt great the next morning. Its amazing how heavenly father blesses us. On Sunday morning we had Mission Conference. All of the MTC presidency spoke to us it was great and long but it was good. We are also getting a new MTC presidency some time next week. For the Sunday night devotional the person who is in charge of the missionary visual media spoke to us. He is the one who runs and designs and is in charge of the church advertising. They are coming out with a new Easter video like last year but its supposed to be a lot better. They are also redesigning and creating videos and they have questions after the videos it will be amazing. The He IS the Gift video was the most watched church video in history. I think they said there was over 33 million views of the video. They also did the advertisements in Times Square for he is the gift. On Tuesday for the devotional the Young Women's General President spoke to us its was great also she talked about missionary work. It has been a great week but it goes by fast. Next week the one of the districts in our zone is leaving and we have to help host the new missionaries coming in. Its also supposed to be in the 50s this week so that will be nice. I miss ya'll and love you very much. 
Elder Gibbons

PS. Send me Emails or Dear Elders I haven't been getting hardly any!!

"Best zone in the MTC"

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