Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 4 in the MTC...


Week four has been great. The days are about the same every day right now. Next week is the same as the last four then the sixth week is a little different. My Companion and I did our first Skype lesson on Monday. It was a member from Mexico. It was pretty cool. We couldn't see her though. On Monday we get to do that again. In TRC we are teaching Brian. It’s been a great experience he went to church on Sunday. We where talking about church he was asking about hymns. We only had five minutes because he had to get somewhere. So we sang I Need Thee Every hour in Spanish. The spirit filled the room so strongly. He said that he could feel it. It was an amazing experience. Elder Lewis didn't want to sing though but I thought it was amazing. Then right after we had our Tuesday night devotional we thought there probably was going to be a general authority because they where checking to make sure we had a name tag and there was extra security. And today is the MTC presidency's last day. Elder Nelson was here again and there was 5 members of the quorum of the seventy here. On Tues. we were two rows behind on Christmas we where five. During that meeting the spirit was so strong having a Apostle. Elder Nelson wife talked about Diligence. And Elder Nelson talked about missionary work. His talk on Tuesday was a lot shorter than on Christmas. He talked about different situations that might come up in the mission field. He told us to tell our family's that him and the First presidency and the apostles loves the family's of the missionary's and knows that you are sacrificing as much as missionary's are. I love Elder Nelson though it’s so cool that he is 90 years old and has come to the MTC twice in a month. We got to host the new missionaries yesterday it was fun and cold. This morning we went to the temple and did a session. It was so great to go back again. And they have a cafeteria in temple. The food there is so much better then the MTC. Other than that MTC life is about the same everyday. Thanks for all the love and support. 
I love and miss y'all very much.
Love Elder Gibbons 


In front of Provo Temple

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