Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning with his companion

First Week in the MTC!!!

This week has been so great!! I arrived at the MTC on Wednesday December 17 it was so great. I was nervous after I had got off the plane. Until I pulled into the Mtc drop off and then it all went away. The spirit is so strong its like living in the Temple everyday. When I arrived we went through orientation and dropped off my bags in my residence. Then they take you right to class. I kind of went into shock because the teacher only spoke Spanish but I have learned probably more spanish this past week then I did two years in school. I can remember a lot of spanish from school also. I also meet my companion Elder Lewis he is from Grantsville UT! I have taught 5 lessons in spanish already. The gift of tongues is real the spirit is real I have felt it more this last week then I have my whole life. On Thursday night we meet our branch president. President Dowmen. He is such a great man. He looks like Elder Holland and speaks like Elder Holland and his spirit is so strong. There are nine Elders in my district they are all so great and i love each one of them. We have had two teachers. Hermana Flake and Hermano Salisbury. They are both great and I love them to. Friday and Saturday where about the same just classes. Sunday was amazing though. I am senior companion and on the sacrament committee my companion and i blessed the sacrament on Sunday in Spanish and i also said the opening prayer in Spanish which i wasn't expecting it was a great first Sacrament meeting. After sacrament my zone went on a temple walk where we walked up to the temple in pouring cold rain. It was a lot of fun though luckily my companion had a umbrella!!!!! On Sunday in the afternoon its just a relaxful time before dinner and Sunday night devotional. We have had two devotionals this far one on Sunday and one last night. The one on Sunday was a person that works at the MTC speaking and his daughter that had just returned from her mission. Last nights devotional was amazing though we had the presiding bishop. Bishop Stevenson. It was great. It is so cool being in the Provo MTC they broadcasted the devotional last night to all the other MTCs.  Tonight we are supposed to have a Christmas Eve Celebration and a movie. Tomorrow is all planed out for us we have a Devotional in the morning with a General Authority we don't know who it is yet. Then we have a big lunch then we have a Christmas Celebration and talent show. We also get to watch a movie tonight and tomorrow night. Its going to be a great Christmas. I love and miss all of you so much!!! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints is true. I have felt the spirit so much this last week. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god im so grateful for it. I know that my heavenly father loves me. On Thursday night the spirit was so strong that President Dowmen said that he could feel the presence of angels in the room. It was so strong. I could feel it and know that they where there. I this gospel so much and love all of you. 

Feliz Navidad 
Merry Christmas 

I love all of you!! 
Elder Gibbons