Monday, February 9, 2015

First Week in Florida

Hey everyone...

Florida is amazing. The people here are great. And the weather is great. I will tell about my first few days. So Tuesday I got up at the MTC and left to the airport at 330 in the morning. We flew to Atlanta airport then to FL. There where 21 new missionaries arriving here so, a lot. It was great though. We landed in Fort Lauderdale and I met my mission President. President Richardson. He is really nice. We loaded all of our luggage up and left to the mission home. There we had dinner and the assistants to the president taught as a few things. That night we all went out and placed some Book of Mormons it was really cool the people where interested and it was awesome.
That night we then took a photo with the mission president and his wife and went to the hotel and slept. On Wednesday was transfer day so all the missionaries that are getting transferred meet at this meeting. They had all the new missionaries bare there testimony and all the departing. Then they read had a power point of the zones and the missionaries being transferred into each zone. I am serving in the Hollywood Hills East area. It’s an awesome area. And my trainer is awesome too. My companion and I got white washed into the area. But this was his first area he served in so he knows the people and area. We have still gotten lost a couple times though. Here in this mission is how we find is we go to peoples homes and ask if we can pray with them and there family. We ask them what they need help with in there life. We ask to think of how they feel during the prayer. During the prayer we bless there home by virtue of our callings as missionaries. Then after the powerful prayer we ask how they felt. Then we invite them to Follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. Most people say yes which is awesome. But most of the people we talk to are English so we have to refer them to the English Elders. My mission is the highest baptizing mission in the USA, which is pretty awesome. It’s been a great week though I got to see the ocean on my first day and my area has the ocean in it. But we hardly go over there. There’s also is a mission rule that you can’t touch the sand at all. And the only way to baptize is be exactly obedient. The members here are really nice and are amazed how much Spanish I know. I might also have to learn creole and Portuguese also. I love it here though so far it’s been great. I love and miss ya'll very much.


Elder Gibbons

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