Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 8 in Florida


This week has been great we have been finding a few awesome people. And its been cool that the new video #BecauseHeLives has come out. The people that we have shown it to love it. We have invited a few to watch it and they have said that they have already seen the video, which is really cool. Share it with all your friends This week has been great we had a mission conference on Wednesday. It was really good. And now we are going to find a family at 4:00pm every Friday. It should be really cool finding a family every Friday. The thing I learned the most this week is the power of the Priesthood. It’s amazing to think of the Power and Authority I have. And that I have the same power as Jesus Christ had. The last few weeks we have been able to give so many blessings for members. It is amazing the power of the Priesthood. A new member of our ward that the Sisters baptized had cancer. And she was feeling really sick before her baptism a couple. We thought that she want going to be able to get baptized because of her Chemo treatments. My companion and I went over and gave a Priesthood blessing. The spirit was so strong. The next day she went to the Doctor to get the treatment and the Doctor couldn't find the paper work. So she was able to get baptized. The Monday after her baptism she went to the doctor and three checked and the cancer was gone. It’s amazing to think of how we through our Heavenly Father can bless someone like that. I want to strive to always be worthy of that priesthood. Through the priesthood I’ve seen so many great miracles.  I love and miss all of you.

Love Elder Gibbons

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